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Wisconsin Driver Resources

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Wisconsin Motorist Handbook

Driving Manual for the State of Wisconsin.

Motorcyclist Handbook

Motorcycle Handbook

GDL (Graduated Driver License) Fact Sheet

There are numerous restrictions for young drivers when they are holding the instuction permit (temps) and their probationary license.  This document will help parents and new drivers understand the restrictions and how long they are inforce.

What is REAL ID

Beginning October 1, 2020 anyone planning to fly within the U.S., visit a military base or other federal buildings, the Department of Homeland Security will require identification that is REAL ID compliant (or show another acceptable form of identification, such as a passport).

Insurance SR22 and other useful tips

SR22 has numerous resources and links to information regarding insurace, dangers of drinking and driving, impaired drving, State traffic safetty information, and well as informaton on distracted driving.

Comparing Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required in the State of Wisconsin.  There are many different auto insurance companies that are ready and willing to help perspective buyers purchase insurance.  This website will help identify insurance companies that fit your needs.

Parent Sponsor Information

A link for parent sponsor information provided by WI-DOT

Teen Information

Driver License Guide

This Driver License Guide will give you information on your eligibility and status, give you a checklist of the documents to take to a DMV Customer Service Center, and have the application form pre-filled.

This interactive guide provides secure personalized information for the regular driver or commercial driver. Choose the type of license you want and whether you want personalized information or general information through an anonymous search.

Zero in Wisconsin

Link to ZERO IN WISCONSIN website


Agreement for Services

When registering for a class, please complete the Agreement for Services contract and mail with remittance to the address listed on the form.


MV3001 - WI Driver License Application

MV-3001 form is required to receive driving permit, address change, name change, or renewing driving license.

The driving instructor will sign the MV-3001 form when student has completed the drivers ed program and paid all the required fees.

What do I need to get me instruction permit (Temps)

To get your instruction permit AKA temps, you will need the following:

Signed MV3001 form provided by your driving instructor

Certified Birth Certificate or a valid U.S. Passport

Social Security Card

Parent/ Guardian with a valid drivers license

$35 for the permit

Pass the knowledge, signs, and vision test


Acceptable forms of documentation

Get a list of all the forms of documentation that are acceptable when applying for a drivers license.

Supervised Driving Log

Supervised Driving Log to record drive times

DMV Information

Practice test for mobile device

Use it as a practice guide to help you prepare for the knowledge test that all new drivers must pass to obtain a learner's permit.


Wisconsin Department of Transportation website

Link to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website.

Schedule a Road Test

Schedule a road test at the Department of Motor Vehicle

DOT locations and hours

Link to Wisconsin Department of Transportation service centers

How much will it cost when I go to the DMV

List of fees charged by the Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Department

Titling a vehicle

This shows the information on how to title a vehicle in Wisconsin