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WI Driver Ed FAQ

General Information

Is your school and instructors certified by the State of Wisconsin?

How old do I need to be to receive my temps (instructional permit)

How many hours does my son/daughter need to drive with me (parent/guardian)

May I enroll in just the online or just the behind-the-wheel portion of the program?

What is the length of the training program?

How do I get my Instructional Permit? (Temps):

What documents are needed to obtain the Instructional Permit?

After my child completes the behind the wheel program do we receive a completion certificate?

How do I schedule my driving test?

Drivers Ed Courses

At what age can my son/daughter start the online/classroom course?

How does the online program work?

What is necessary to enroll?

How long does it take to receive the MV3001 after I finish the online program?

Where are the traditional classroom sessions held?

Does my drivers ed class (online/classroom) expire?

Driving Lessons

Does a student need to complete the driving with an instructor or can the parent teach their child on how to drive?

How do I change a behind the wheel appointment?

How do I schedule my behind the wheel training?

How often should my child take a road lesson?

Where and when is the student picked up for the behind the wheel lessons?

Once I complete the behind the wheel program, do I get any paperwork from the instructor?


What type of payment do you take?

When does full payment need to be made by?

What is 1st Rate Driving School's refund policy